Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm back

from Beautiful Lake Tahoe! I love it there. It's our dream to someday own a second home there. I'll post a pic later today. The only issue was that there was a ton of smoke in the air so it was brown instead of that gorgeous blue! (that's CA these days. I should say thank you to all the firefighters out there fighting those nasty things...thank you!) On Saturday we could actually see across the lake to the other side. Anyways... I'm just sharing some Christmas in July. (Daisy D's) I'll post later.


Scrapping Servant said...

Who is the little girl in these photos?

Charleen said...

This is from the Daisy D catalog. Sorry, I should say that!

Velma said...

Yeah, I was gonna say, "who is this child"? Doesn't belong to anyone I know!