Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today we went on a little road trip. Destination: My Daughter's Wish; Walnut Creek, CA. We made a little stop here in Danville at a place called Stamper's Warehouse. With 4 scrappers you'd think one of us would remember to take out the camera at My Daughter's Wish, nope. :) We had fun! (we alwayd do!) The next place we plan on visiting is the Hambly Screen Printing place. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

message board...YAY

I put together the message board for the website today. I just don't have the link set up on the index page yet. BUT here is the link for my regulars...
Go in and register, hang out for awhile, make some new BFFs :) I'm so excited!


color of the day...

...need I say more...maybe I'll do a digi page today???...
These rustic-looking pouches are inspired by those used by Native Americans to carry good-luck trinkets. (They make great carriers for portable music players too!)Check out our other Art Camp craft projects and ideas, too.
Shrink art (available at craft stores)
Colored pencils
Hole punch
4- by 11-inch piece of felt
Embroidery floss and needle
Small stick, about the size of a pencil
Decorative beads (optional)
1 yard of twine
Time needed: About 1 to 2 Hours
1. With colored pencils and following the directions on the package, help your child design a piece of shrink art that will be roughly 1 1/2 inches wide after it's baked down to size. Before baking, punch 4 holes in it. 2. Form the pouch by folding up the bottom 4 inches of the felt. Sew the sides together. 3. Lay the stick where the flap folds over the pouch and sew the stick in place. 4. If you like, string a few beads on the twine and tie off the ends. Tie the twine onto the stick as shown. 5. Sew the shrink art onto the flap or the front of the pouch. Tips: Instead of using shrink art, you can decorate the bag with beads or buttons.

Thought I'd share this too! (Family Fun Magazine Newsletter)

and the winner is...

Creative Junkie! I couldn't see an email addy. Just send me an email at and I will send you a surprise! YAY...

Check out the gallery at . I'm still posting new stuff.
For those of you who don't get the Family Fun newsletter. NSBR :)
Here is a game for the kids to play today to keep them from boredom..

The Fugitives

Add a twist of mystery and excitement to a classic game of red light, green light.

Ball, hat, or coat

1. Have one player, the detective, stand 50 feet or more away from the other players, the fugitives. 2. To start, she yells "Out of jail" and then turns her back to the fugitives, who begin to advance toward her to steal her badge (a ball, hat, or coat that sits at her feet). 3. At any moment and without notice, the detective can whirl around and shout "Freeze!" Then, the fugitives must halt completely. Any unlucky fugitive caught moving must sit down where he or she stood and remain in this "jail" for the rest of the game. 4. The first fugitive to reach and steal the detective's badge becomes detective for the next game.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today I must...

go do my blood glucose test (prego) and put my clean clothes away. :)

I will also be working on the website some more! I will be uploading more pics to the gallery. YAY

I have a question for everyone today. (I will be choosing a random winner from the comments on this question) What is your absolute favorite scrapbooking company?

more later...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

one more thing then I'll be quiet

I think this is cool. It's a shortcut skin for your keyboard (if you have a Mac) for Photoshop! So you can whiz through all your adjustments and digital creations. I don't have a Mac, yet. There are soooooo many shortcuts it's hard to remember them all, but they are soo helpful if you know them. <--- go there for more info.

look what I am working on STILL...

My wonderful friend, Velma came over one evening with some of her ribbons gloriously ironed and organized onto these card thingys. Well I had ribbon EVERYWHERE. I had it in glass containers, baskets, ribbon cards, in my closet, on my shelves, in scrappy bags... so I gathered up the shorter stuff and pinned it to a big safety pin and hung it on a BIG ring. I plan on hanging the rings from decorative knobs, but that will come later. :) Now I can see it. I will still keep the longer ribbons on their spools. I have not ironed them and I don't think I will.

I was going along with the Pantone color of the day, but they all seem to be GREEN. So I used their color of the day as a springboard and came up with this purply shade. Maybe I'll post another scrap pattern later.

This whole holiday weekend thing through me off. So the Maybe Monday from yesterday could be a Maybe could do a layout and journal about dinner time at your house. :) Maybe even take a pic this evening to use. Let's see your stuff.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

follow the pattern

I sketched out a pattern to follow along if you'd like. The circles represent embellishments. They can be any shape. Have fun. I'll post mine later.

Here is the color of the day as well as it's tetradic colors. :)

Don't forget the $1 contest! (look below for details)

Haute Mama signing out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is using SEI dill blossom. Love it!


Check Thursday's blog entry...I extended the contest. And here's the prize... a Hey Sugar Paper Crafting Kit from Cosmo Cricket and a Ready-Set-Chipboard Victoria pack. That's 12 double sided cardstocks/ 8 double sided, cut-apart journaling cards/1 double sided strip tease/27 alpha-button fashions/29 buttons & more fashions/1 cosmo cricket studio inspiration sheet/and 33 adhesive backed, printed, chipboard characters.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ok. The color of the day is holly green. Today I have posted it's tetradic colors to go with it. Maybe use these all together for something REAL fun! I am! :)

web site

We are currently putting all the finishing touches on the website so please be patient. Keep checking in. There will be a design team call REAL soon. So if you are interested in it please get your gallery stuff set up and start showing off your work! :) There will be some Haute Artist exclusives in the kits. I will be posting a sneak peak REAL soon also! YAY. YAY. YAY.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ok. This morning I have been so busy. I do have a challenge for everyone. This one is fun and easy. It's a $1 store challenge that goes along with the color of the day which is peridot. :) you can make anything you want... a layout, a mini album, alter something cool, whatever. I will post mine later. Just go to and click on the Artist Gallery. Have fun. I think I will give out a prize for this one! I was going to announce the winner on Saturday, but I decided to give everyone a week on this one and increase the prize! SOOOOO the winner will be announced next Saturday. (california time- 10am)

details.... use 90% dollar store finds and the color of the day. (you can use any adhesive or cutting thingys you want) Post it in the message board.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gallery at Haute Artist

The Gallery is UP AND RUNNING at YAY Thanks to my wonderful friend, Angelica! So go POST CRAZY! Them sound like competition words! I'll give everyone a week and she who has the most posts to the gallery wins! (for real)
Journal idea... "I am the one who..." You could go anywhere with that one. I have a few things to post later in the day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Unhealthiest Drink in America Baskin Robbin’s Large Heath Bar Shake (32 oz)

2,310 calories

266 g sugar

108 g fat (64 g saturated)

Let's look at America's Worst Drink in numbers:

73: The number of ingredients that go into this milkshake.

66: The number of teaspoons of sugar this drink contains.

11: The number of Heath Bars you would have to eat to equal the number of calories found in one Baskin Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake.

8-12: The average number of minutes it takes to consume this drink.

240: The number of minutes you’d need to spend on a treadmill burning it off, running at a moderate pace. To discover a dozen other drinkable disasters — along with their healthy and delicious alternatives —Men's Health Magazine
66 teaspoons of sugar! Remind me NEVER to have one of these

my well loved atg
OK I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be announcing that the website has a gallery that will be up todayish. :) So I will be expecting to see some awesome work from you haute artists out there. Once it's up and running we will be doing some fun contests and stuff... (for the competitive at heart) YAY!


I did not forget about the prizes for commenting. Our winner for the first week is Storm who gets the Halfway Cafe Paper Crafting Kit from Cosmo Cricket. Our winner for the second week is JoyfulJoy (please contact me so I can get this out to you). She gets the Dutch Girl Paper Crafting Kit from Cosmo Cricket. YAY Congrats you two.

To everyone else keep posting comments for chances to win.

Maybe Monday...

Ok here's the color of the day and a challenge to go along with it. So Maybe this Monday you could think back into your childhood and scrap your first memory. This will be challenging because you probably don't have a pic of that memory, but I'm sure you could capture a new image that RESPRESENTS that memory. Have fun! Here's mine...

If you don't get the Photo Jojo newsletters....I'll share. Today's tip was all about bull dog clips. It's oh so easy and I'm sure we scrappy people can alter it to make it way cute! (I'll share my pics later) You take the bulldog clips, nail them to the wall, and use it to hang your photos. (they also shared to take a scrap of paper to protect the pic. (or don't use an original) You could position a couple of them to hold a 12x12 layout also.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today my goal is to have today's color and yesterday's color done.
I'm melting here in OH SO SUNNY CALIFORNIA! Pregnancy and triple digit temperatures do not go together. I could not sleep last night. Poor me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay, something that isn't green. :) I like this one too.
Basic Grey has a new class kit as well. :) It's called "You and Me Keyplate Mini Album" YAY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OK. I've played with this one long enough. I fulfilled 2 things. I used the color of the day and I also did the digi challenge thing from over at YAY. I had a hard time finding a pic to pop in here, maybe I'll change it. I got the brushes from fo shizzle.

May 14, 2008

Elsie Flanigan has a new book! I love her stuff!

I like this one. I'll definetly be posting a layout or something with this! I should be putting my things together for the big crop my sister is helping organize.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 13, 2008

If you were like me and thought "piq what?"
Merriam-Webster says piquant is an adjective meaning...
1. agreeably stimulating to the palate; especially : spicy
2. engagingly provocative;
So I guess the challenge is to come up with a layout or project that is SPICY using this shade of green! YAY


Juicy new paper from Basic Grey! That is like the best news. They also have new card kits. I have shown a preview of each. I love all of them, because who doesn't need a stash of handmade cards to have when they are needed. The ship date on these are June. I'll keep you posted. Let me know which ones you are crushin' on.

May 12, 2008

Happy Monday! I hope you mothers are feeling just as guilty as I am about eating all that junk yesterday! :) I hope you all had a fabulous day. I know I did. We were in San Fransisco all day and the weather was wonderful.

Well the color of he day from Pantone is Calla Green. I'll post my layout later. (as well as the one I promised from the other day....I haven't forgotten)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008

Sorry I didn't post the color of the day yesterday. Crazy day! We went to Columbia on a field trip.

Today's color from Pantone is called Kiwi. I love it. Very yummy! Like Kiwi.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008

creme de menthe...use it today...I did. The color in real life does look close to the creme de menthe.

once I get the gallery up on the website there will be daily prizes for the best use of color of the day.

May 7th

Today is National School Nurse Day. Whoo Hoo. (Since I Homeschool I guess that would be me.)

I think of Napoleon Dynamite whose "lips hurt real bad." His brother told him to see the school nurse for chapstick because she had like three sticks in her drawer. YUCK.

If you are interested in one of the online class kits please let me know by posting a comment under the correct one. Then I will add you name to a list and I'll make sure you get in, as kits are limited. (this will also enter you to win prize)