Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ok. This morning I have been so busy. I do have a challenge for everyone. This one is fun and easy. It's a $1 store challenge that goes along with the color of the day which is peridot. :) you can make anything you want... a layout, a mini album, alter something cool, whatever. I will post mine later. Just go to and click on the Artist Gallery. Have fun. I think I will give out a prize for this one! I was going to announce the winner on Saturday, but I decided to give everyone a week on this one and increase the prize! SOOOOO the winner will be announced next Saturday. (california time- 10am)

details.... use 90% dollar store finds and the color of the day. (you can use any adhesive or cutting thingys you want) Post it in the message board.


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forgetfulone said...

That is a cool challenge. I've had so much to do this week, I haven't been able to actually do a layout. But if I'd had time, I would definitely have done this one! Your blog is full of ideas!