Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 11th

I want to take a moment to remember all those who lost their lives or loved ones in the unspeakable acts of September 11th. I was going to post the tutorial later today, but decided to take the day to reflect on those we've lost. I also want to thank those who fight for our freedoms and those families who are affected by the absence of them.

I did pick winners for last week on Friday as promised. I'll do this week's worth Fridat as well. I used the Random Integer thingy. I posted in the comment sections for those days. Here goes...

September 1st was leateach

September 2nd was Stepanie D

September 3rd was Jo

September 4th was Gina

September 5th was Cassi

So if you haven't already, send me an email with your address. :)

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